Technology Engine

The M&M Engine - Rotary engine

We are proud to present a new patented combustion engine. The new patented technology can replace engine in all application areas where the environmental aspects and economical operation are valued.

The new patented technology has several benefits compared to today piston engines and even other rotary engines on the marked. The combination of a rotary piston, external combustion chamber results in a high potential for thermal and mechanical efficiency. The latest tests proves not just the concept but the theory of a more environmental friendly engine.

The new patented technology can be run on all known fuel types today as:


  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Natural gas
  • Ethanol
  • Other fuels from hydro carbons
  • Hydrogen

The potential for both mechanical and thermal efficiency is beyond what we have experienced of any of the technologies available on the marked. For some fuel types 15 - 35 % increased efficiency is expected. Rotary engine